4 Reasons to Buy a Play Kitchen

Reasons to Buy a Play Kitchen

1. The Benefits of Pretend Play
Child development specialists have long understood the benefits of pretend play, which requires children to use their imaginations to develop and act out stories. One of the major benefits of pretend play is social interaction.

Children learn to communicate because they have to express different ideas while playing the role of a parent or chef. Kids also have to participate in conversations with other children if they play at the same kitchen. Another benefit is that it gets children active. Using a play kitchen requires standing up, moving around, bending over to use the oven, and lots of various motor skills.

Finally, children benefit mentally. Imagination and problem-solving are integral parts of playing with a pretend kitchen. There are many imaginative scenarios that children invent using pretend food and kitchens.

2. A Sense of Ownership
Children understand that their surroundings are controlled by their parents. A play kitchen allows a child to have a sense of ownership. While the real kitchen may be off limits, the play kitchen provides the child free reign. Children who have opportunities early in life to own and take care of things tend to grasp the importance of responsibility at an earlier age.

3. Versatility
Children have many uses for play kitchens. Many people do not know that boys are just as likely as girls to use and benefit from play kitchens. Unfortunately, many boys do not get the opportunity to use play kitchens as many consider it to be more of a feminine toy. Boys and girls both love to play house, but they also love to pretend that they own a restaurant or work at the grocery store.

4. Affordability
Play kitchens are affordable at any price range. Of course, more expensive kitchens tend to have more features and last longer than cheaper kitchens, but any family can find a play kitchen within their budget.

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