Choosing the Right Pretend Play Set by Gender

Pretend Play Set by Gender

Play kitchens seem a natural gift option for female children, but they are perfectly suited to males as well. Boys enjoy cooking up fun just as much as girls, and because so many successful chefs are men, parents and educators may wish to encourage imaginative kitchen playtime for boys as well.

Several manufacturers offer pretend kitchen play sets that fit both boys and girls. Some feature bold primary colors, and others are painted blue, black, or gray for a more masculine look.

A family wanting a pretty kitchen in which their princess can bake up royal treats will find no shortage of girlish play kitchens. Several options in shades of pink, purple, and red make finding a female-specific kitchen play set simple. However, neutral patterns are also available.

These are perfect for families who have several children of separate genders who would enjoy playing with a kitchen.

Many colors and patterns have a gender assignment that children recognize very early in their lives, so selecting a white, yellow, or brown kitchen may effectively eliminate the stigma that sometimes accompanies playing with a “girls’ toy” or a “boys’ toy.”

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