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Think #ToySafety

Mar 17

More than 120,000 children are taken to hospital emergency rooms each year for treatment of toy-related injuries. Evaluate toys for your children from the standpoint of safety. The following are some guidelines • Choose toys appropriate to the child’s age. Some toys intended for children more than 3 years old

Puppet Toys

Using Puppets to stimulate children’s imagination

Mar 17

Puppets are an aspect of our history and everyday lives. From marionettes to the Muppets we see them on television, on videos or in live performances. In their different forms they appeal to both old and young alike, represent different customs and traditions and are valuable educational tools. Puppets are

Be creative

Ways to Boost Your Creativity

Mar 17

Creativity is your birthright ­ but can often be hidden in the everyday. To facilitate your personal development and self growth, here are some creativity tips you can use to resurrect, refresh and enhance your creative faculties. 1. Look after yourself. Sleep well/Eat well/meditate/do what you enjoy and do it

Grocery Items for a Pretend Play Kitchen Set

Ways to Inspire Children

Mar 17

Walk through any toy store and you will see walls and walls of toys that are loud — toys that require batteries, have flashing lights, or that look like your child’s favourite movie character. But, what about those of us who want to raise children with imagination and curiosity? I’ll


Getting Your Child To Use Their Imagination

Mar 17

Every small child loves to play. “Playing Pretend”, or role playing, can not only be educational, but also one of the cheapest games a child can play. Creative play such as role playing can not only teach your child about the world, but can also teach you a lot about

Toys for Boys

Boys and their #Toys

Mar 17

Stumped for ideas on what toys to get for your own preschool-age boy or a friend? We’ve rounded up the best toys for three- and four-year-old boys. From blocks to bulldozers and puzzles to pirates, you’ll find it all right here. Vehicles Toys like cars, trucks and trains are extremely

Toys That Teach

Toys that #Teach

Mar 17

When shopping for toys for your children, look for items that aren’t just age-appropriate and entertaining but also toys that will bolster their development and inspire their imagination and creativity. Birth to 6 months old Toy suggestions Crib gyms* Floor gyms Activity quilts Mobiles* Safety mirrors Teething toys Large, interlocking

Toys you should never buy for kids

5 Type of Toys you should never buy for your Kids

Mar 17

As kind, loving parents, we want our children to be happy. Even if it means making us unhappy, annoyed, bored, miserable… You know, like when we buy the most ridiculous over-priced annoying crap toys, that we end up wanting to smash into a million pieces, just to see that beautiful


Gifts for birth and labor

Mar 11

Giving birth is one of the most intense, exhausting, amazing experiences of a woman’s life. Commemorate the day with a special gift for the new mom. Photo album Look for something beautiful and sturdy that will last a lifetime. Leather is a good choice if you can find it. (Try


Gifts for expectant moms

Mar 11

She’s pregnant! And you want to give her something to mark the beginning of a new and remarkable phase in her life. Of course she’ll appreciate a bouquet of flowers, dinner out, or a journal to record her thoughts over the next nine months, but consider giving a gift that

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